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QQ: 88033114

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Product name : led bulb light
Product No. : GBL-E27-2
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Product Description

Lamp power: 20 40 60W

Color: ww,pw,cw

Input voltage: AC 85~265V

Light through: 80-90lm/w

Color of light shell color: oxidation coloring

Material of lamp cover: PC

Light angle: 160 degrees

Material: aluminum alloy

Lamp holder: E27

Product use and characteristics


1, used in shopping malls and supermarket lighting

2, for home improvement, clothing store lighting

3, used in hotels and hotel lighting.

4, used in office buildings, restaurants, KTV places such as lighting.

Advantages of the product:

1. Energy efficient: luminous effect of the same circumstances, LED lights than traditional lighting energy saving 60% to 90%, can effectively save electricity costs

2. Light health: LED energy-saving light does not contain ultraviolet light and infrared, does not

produce radiation

3. Environmental protection: no mercury and xenon and other harmful elements, while LED can also be recycled

4. Protection of vision: LED energy-saving lamp using DC drive, no flash

5. anti-mosquito: LED light does not produce ultraviolet light, it will not attract the same as the traditional fluorescent mosquito, is conducive to maintaining indoor cleaning

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